You want to improve your fashion game? Go thru these 10 useful necklace styles and tips to wear a necklace.

Here is Some Tips.

Here are some of the favorites: The Love It or Lose It Challenge, how to Buy Better Clothes for Less Money, and How to Wear a Belt. How to wear a necklace? pretty woman wearing a gold chain around her neck with a smaller layered necklace on top Wearing a necklace is a great way to turn a casual outfit into something more ensemble, as well as enhancing your formal dress for a more elegant occasion. But do any of you have a problem to choose a necklace would be appropriate for your outfit? I make! It has taken me years to get comfortable wearing fun jewelry and they still hang from time to time. So I did some research and discovered some simple rules that I follow to make it easier for me when I don’t have a lot of time to decide if I’m making or breaking my outfit.

How to be stylish with a necklace?

1.       Large necklaces should be the focal point of your outfit. They look good with plain colored clothing and simple necklines: strapless, V-neck, off-the-shoulder, and crew neck.

2.       If you wear colorful clothing with eye-catching prints and patterns, wear a monochromatic necklace: black or white pearls, simple gold chains, delicate diamonds, etc.

3.       Small necklaces look better with any upper part where the neckline or bodice is the focal point. If a shirt or dress has elegant necklines, lace panels, etc., add interest by wearing eye-catching earrings.

4.       Don’t do it anymore wearing a big necklace with big earrings and lots of hanging rings and bracelets! Combine a necklace with small earrings or a simple necklace with a fun ring.

5.       Collared shirts can be complicated. For a stylish look, choose a collar that goes up to the neck, button the top all the way down, and place the necklace underneath the necklace for a more casual look. Choose a necklace that is slightly longer and leave one or two buttons open so that the necklace falls right in the center.

6.       If you are wearing a V-neck, make sure your collar only touches your skin. It looks weird when the necklace falls on your V-neck

7.       A golden or geometric necklace looks stylish with a blazer or jacket.

8.       Neon chains go very well with chambray or denim.

9.       Combine your necklace with a striking part of your outfit: a pink necklace with your pink bag, a pair of red heels with a fun red necklace, etc.

10.   Layered Necklaces is a classic way to dress up an outfit, but here are some layering rules: If you put more than 2 necklaces, put layers on multiples of odd numbers. You can overlay contrasting styles and metals: pearls or pave, geometric shapes, chains with different weights and textures, etc. Choose layers of chains in different lengths.

There you go! Tips for wearing a necklace to help you decide which accessories go best with your outfit! Have fun!

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